Create beautiful sitemaps of your website
with the click of a button.

SiteMap™ helps designers, developers and UX/UI teams map their websites with our simple, flexible tool. Input your website's URL to produce a beautiful, accurate sitemap with all your pages. Once your sitemap is created, you can rearrange or customize it to your liking with our user-friendly interface.

No more slow pointing arrows or bloated flowchart software. SiteMap™ organizes content creation and makes the output more beautiful.


Sitemap Creation

Create automated, beautiful sitemaps of your entire website using SiteMap™. We crawl your entire site and match the page hierarchy and internal structure. Our simple drag-and-drop interface allows you to edit as needed and share with internal teams and clients. Or start from scratch and create your sitemap from the ground up.

Content Organization

SiteMap™ makes it easy to organize your website's content. Each sitemap you create will automatically pull each page's content, including titles, text and metadata. You can edit as needed as well as create new pages and save them to your sitemap. Invite team members to add comments or provide edits directly. Each edit is auto-saved and past revisions are available.

Search Engine Optimization

When you import and create page content, SiteMap™ analyzes and gives suggesetions to maximize your SEO. Add metadata, keywords, descriptions and schema into our editor to share with the team and make it easier to ensure your new website's content is optimized.