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From content strategy to conversion rate optimization and link building, our team creates online marketing plans that move your company forward. We’ve helped dozens of companies and we’d love to help you.

Our Team

The people who lead the strategy and execution of your campaign.


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On-Page Specialist


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How It Works

Technical SEO

End-to-end SEO including technical optimization and on-page fixes, information architecture, and backlinking.

Content Strategy

Create a content strategy that improves your website's rankings and reaches your audience at each stage of the buyer journey.

On-Page SEO

Optimization of product listing pages and product description pages including meta information, product descriptions, product details, and keyword research.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answers!

Simply put: our results. There are a ton of marketing agencies and consultants who claim to do SEO, but it’s really just a by-product of other services. We focus on SEO and it shows with our work.

We guarantee a positive increase in organic traffic from your SEO campaign. In order to do this, we ask for budgets that allow us to realistically meet this guarantee. For more information, scroll down on this page to see our satisfaction guarantee.

We do not guarantee specific rankings for specific keywords, but do everything within our power to get the results you want.

This depends on the competitiveness of the keywords and the authority of your website. Keywords with high difficulty take upwards of 9-12 months to achieve page one rankings.

While over 80% of our clients are eCommerce brands, we are a great fit for any company whose business is primarily driven through their website. Please contact us today and we’ll be glad to share if we’re a good fit or not.

Our SEO retainers start at $3,500 per month but often are higher since the majority of our clients choose to include link building in their retainer. 

We ask for a minimum of 6 months for SEO campaigns.

Each SEO retainer includes technical SEO, content marketing, keyword research, and on-page SEO. We ask for 6-month commitments for all SEO campaign.

A majority of our clients include conversion rate optimization and link building in their retainers. 

For more information, visit our Search Engine Optimization page to see a breakdown of our SEO process.

We partner with a reputable backlinking company with experience in eCommerce campaigns. We charge an hourly rate to strategize and manage the process. Backlinking is done by virtually all of our clients.

Our office is headquartered out of sunny Lakeland, Florida, which is 20 minutes from Tampa and 35 minutes from Disney World. We have 5 team members and that are dedicated to your campaign.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

With a retention rate of over 93%, we’re totally focused on our clients and their success. We aren’t the cheapest agency, but we don’t have restrictive contracts and don’t charge huge upfront fees. If, for any reason, you hire Sitemap and are dissatisfied, we discount our retainers by up to 20% and continue to work at the same level.

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