We're a Strategic Consultancy For B2B Brands.

Sitemap.io is more than just an SEO agency.

We are a team of strategic consultants, content experts, and SEO specialists. We work closely with each of our clients to fully understand their industry and create content strategies that directly impact their bottom line.

Our Team

The people who lead the strategy and execution of your campaign.


Technical SEO Specialist


Vice President,
Content Strategy


Project Manager


On-Page Specialist


Content Strategist


On-Page UX Specialist

How We Help

Technical SEO

We optimize the front end and back end code of your website so Google reads and ranks the content and products you need to sell.

On-Page SEO​

We optimize product listing pages and product detail pages including long form content, metadata, and product descriptions.

Content Marketing

We plan, strategize, and execute an entire content strategy. We target content and topics your customers are reading.

Link Building

To promote and get more traction to your new content, we build white hat backlinks through manual outreach to relevant sites.

Our eCommerce SEO Process

Quality Audit
We start every SEO project with a full scan and audit of your website. This gives us a high-level view of your website and help us diagnose the major technical issues we need to fix.
Technical Reports + Presentation
We gather the information we need during the Audit phase and create in-depth presentations. We tailor this information for developers and in-house teams to fix. We not only identify the issues, we also give guidance on how exactly to fix them.
Once the report and audit are finished, we work with your team to fix the identified issues. Our technical and development expertise allows us to communicate complex technical issues with development teams to get them fixed.
To ensure the fixes are being done correctly, we measure your website's technical health ongoing to ensure fixes are being done correctly and to identify other technical areas of improvement.
Once the technical fixes have begun, we move to on-page SEO and begin to optimize the product detail, product listing, and informational pages of your website.
Frequently Asked Questions

We have answers!

We are experts at technical and on-page SEO, which happens to be the biggest SEO service eCommerce brands need. Our team has developers and writers with experience in dozens of verticals and different kinds of websites. 

We also pride oursevies on our results and encourage you to review them.

We strive to get your website an increase in organic traffic from your SEO campaign, and will work to make that happen. 

We do not guarantee specific rankings for specific keywords, but do everything within our power to get the results you want.

While over 80% of our clients are eCommerce brands, we are a great fit for any company whose business is primarily driven through their website. Please contact us today and we’ll be glad to share if we’re a good fit or not.

The cost will depend on how many pieces of content we optimize each month. We have fixed-price SEO services and don’t work on a retainer/hourly model.

We specialize in technical SEO and on-page SEO for eCommerce websites. Our contracts include technical optimizations for all pages and product listing and product detail page on-page optimizations, as well as content strategies and link building recommendations.

Our office is headquartered out of sunny Lakeland, Florida, which is 20 minutes from Tampa and 35 minutes from Disney World. We have 5 team members that are dedicated to your campaign as well as a network of specialty content creators within your vertical.

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