Free SEO Audit

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Get a free SEO audit of any page on your website. Simply enter your URL in our form and your audit will be ready within 2 minutes. You can run the audit multiple times for different URLs. 

This audit has over 70 different SEO data points, including: 

  • Page speed
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Resources Usage
  • On-Page SEO metrics (titles, meta descriptions)
  • and much more

We encourage you to audit more pages than just your homepage for an idea of how your website is performing overall.


An SEO audit is a strategy document that uncovers the basic SEO issues facing your website. If you’ve never done SEO before or are concerned your website isn’t optimized, this basic SEO audit is the perfect place to start.

This audit will show you the basic SEO issues with your website. A comprehensive audit will uncover more issues but also act as an SEO strategy guide. If you’re looking to get started with SEO, a full audit is a great first step. We’d be glad to give you a comprehensive audit quote.

There are several core parts to SEO. This audit finds the basic issues facing your website. Here are the most common parts of SEO and what they mean:

  • Technical SEO is about helping a search engine find, crawl, and understand your website’s structure and content. Most technical SEO issues are behind the scenes and deal with servers, page speed, crawlers, and indexing
  • On-Page SEO is the process of optimizing anything “on your page” including titles, subheadings, product descriptions, meta descriptions, internal links, and categorization
  • Off-Page SEO is a set of SEO strategies taking “off” of your website. This primarily deals with link building/backlinks and promoting your content and brand on other websites through outreach
  • SEO Content Strategy is creating optimized content to reach new audiences. It uses audience research, competitor analysis, keyword research, and content creation to consistently create new pieces of content that target keywords to drive relevant organic traffic

SEO audits are the first step for most SEO campaigns. The technical SEO issues you’ve found should be fixed, usually by an SEO agency and a development team. While this basic SEO audit is a great first step, we highly recommend getting a comprehensive SEO audit so we can ensure nothing is missed and your website is fully optimized

It depends on how large your website is and the services you’ll need. Mid-size businesses that need on-page, off-page, and content creation should budget ~$5,000- $10,000 each month.