We help technology companies win at SEO

For technology companies looking to improve their keyword rankings and increase organic traffic from Google, a dedicated SEO campaign is a must-have part of a digital marketing strategy. 

we help technology companies win at SEO

68% from

online search


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In B2B marketing, there is no greater awareness and
conversion channel than search engine marketing

In fact, over 68% of all business-to-business transactions begin with an online search. While other B2B platforms, including social media like LinkedIn, can generate valuable awareness and engagement, Google Search is the number one area companies need a strong online presence.

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Get the foundation for a successful SEO strategy

Websites are moving targets that undergo frequent updates. While they may look simple to someone who manages the site on a daily basis, an agency or consultant can best understand your site’s current SEO state by doing a comprehensive SEO audit.

At Sitemap, our audits are in-depth and comprehensive. We don’t pull PDFs from SEMrush or Ahrefs and send them to you; we crawl every URL, analyze the code, and use multiple tools to understand exactly what a search engine sees when it visits your website. 

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Reach customers at every stage of the customer journey

Effective SEO content strategy is crucial. At Sitemap, we start by identifying the topics, pain points, and questions your prospects have at each stage of their journey. We use tools like Ahrefs and Clearscope for keyword research to ensure we target competitive and relevant keywords, but our focus remains on creating customer-focused content.

We offer a variety of content types, including blogs, white papers, case studies, landing pages, product pages, and service pages. Each piece of content is crafted based on thorough research and strategy. High-quality content is essential, especially with the rise of AI-generated content. Our approach ensures better user experience and improved search engine rankings, aligning with the latest algorithm updates.

Increase your domain authority and rank for competitive keywords

The tech industry, like many others, is increasingly competitive to rank in. Building links (also called backlinks or off-page SEO) is a way to help the search engine see your website as authoritative and thus increase your chances of ranking for competitive keywords.
SEO metrics like “domain authority” and “URL authority” are terms used to signal how authoritative your website is in Google’s eyes. The basic logic is that the more relevant, high-quality backlinks your website has, the more authoritative it may be in Google’s eyes. Backlinks are among the biggest ranking factors in the search engine algorithm.
There are dozens of ways to build backlinks, from guest posting and link inserts to swaps and affiliate links. We cover link-building and off-page strategies in our link-building guide.
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Help search engines find, crawl, and index your website the right way

Even the best SEO efforts can be sidetracked if the technical SEO portion isn’t up to par. Technical SEO is about helping the search engine crawl and understand your website’ content.

This technical work is primarily done behind the scenes, and potential customers may never see it. It involves crawling websites with tools to analyze their structure, studying parts of Search Console, and even digging into code/programming in order to make sure your website has the best chance to get crawled and indexed.

A big part of technical SEO is making sure pages have optimized meta descriptions and meta titles and that they are serving correctly to search engines. The meta title is what users actually see when a page is visible in the SERPS (search engine results pages). Another part is making sure images have alt text, which helps the search engine understand the purpose and meaning of the images on your website.

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Transparent, accurate reporting on your entire SEO campaign

There are dozens of metrics to track when doing an SEO campaign. At the start, you’ll want to look at how many keywords are being added to your website. If you’re not seeing more keywords with organic impressions, your content strategy or quality will need to be refined because the search engine isn’t indexing your content correctly.

As the campaign evolves, metrics like clicks, keyword position, organic traffic, and bounce rate are all relevant. We like to measure performance by looking at click-through rate and time spent on page to see how well our content is being consumed.

We measure SEO performance primarily through the lens of brand awareness and consideration. But for many companies, SEO ends up being a lead generation channel, so measuring conversion rate is important to tracking ROI.

SEO and the customer journey

Sitemap.io is a digital marketing agency that partners with tech brands to find and engage loyal customers through multi-channel digital campaigns

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the investment required

If your company has never done SEO or has never had an organized approach to getting more organic traffic, here are a few helpful things to know:

1.) The technology/B2B sector is extremely difficult to rank and takes longer than some clients realize. We typically see a minimum of 6 months before organic traffic for important keywords/pages measurably increases.

2.) At Sitemap, we can handle your entire SEO campaign, from content creation and strategy to link building and technical SEO. Most agencies only do one or two SEO services and will outsource the rest.

3.) Many brands use their PPC budget as a way to gauge the cost of an SEO campaign, oftentimes taking a % of paid search and putting it towards their SEO. This is fine to start, but SEO needs a dedicated, long-term investment to see meaningful results.

SEO Case Study

How Sitemap helped a 50m/year SaaS increase qualified leads with SEO

frequently asked

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Your results will depend on several factors, including whether you’ve ever optimized your website before. Most companies see strong results within 6 months if the correct resources are allocated.

Yes. We consult with many companies and provide SEO strategy and content briefs for in-house writers. We also write content for SEO and have done so for many technology companies.

While we use AI for tasks like programming, automation, ideation, and research, we do not use it to write content. We believe that human-based research, expert point-of-view, and creativity are vital to marketing that connects with customers and grows brand authority. AI content is also highly frowned upon by search engines.

We see ourselves as partners working together to achieve your marketing objectives. As you encounter new growth challenges in your business, we’ll respond quickly to help you meet emerging opportunities.

Yes. Please get in touch with us directly so we can learn more. 

While every SEO project or retainer is different, most of our clients spend an average of $10,000 monthly on SEO services. For clients who need more content pieces produced or more links built, the cost increases. 

We are flexible in scope and offer SEO projects, hourly consulting, and a variety of ways to work together. Please reach out to us for a custom quote on whatever service you’re looking for.

We find services like SEO are best handled on a retainer where monthly deliverables like content pieces, consulting hours, and backlinks are delivered in a scheduled manner. However, we also do SEO audits and other projects that are not retainer-based. Please reach out to us for more information. 

All clients get an analytics and tracking dashboard showing organic clicks, organic traffic, keyword activity, rankings, and conversions. We also meet with you monthly to discuss your goals and progress.

We see SEO as part of an overall marketing strategy that helps drive awareness and conversions when done correctly. 

Yes. Please contact us directly so we can learn more. 

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