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Introducing Sitemap 2.0

Life is about change: It’s been said the water in a river never passes over the same rock twice. In business, change is a requirement for growth to continue. At Sitemap, we’ve undergone a lot of change over the past 18 months—most of it behind the scenes. We want to share what exactly is changing and why we’re doing it now.

Our Background

In 2018, I launched Sitemap, then known as ASUN Digital. As the son of two entrepreneurs (one of whom was an advertising agency owner), I knew I wanted to have my own business and it felt like the right time. The first version of Sitemap was what many companies are at the beginning: An MVP comprised of the skills and knowledge I had at the time—website development and paid advertising. At the start of 2020 as the company grew legs, Grace left her brand consulting startup, Growler, to officially join Sitemap.

Around the same time, another change occurred: COVID. As the business world went online, clients began flocking to us for digital marketing help, specifically seeking SEO. The increase in demand, coupled with the complexity of SEO, led to our focus on that service rather than actively promoting other services. We dove in, achieving incredible results and building some wonderful client partnerships along the way (some of whom we still work with today!).

What Changed?

By the end of 2022, we’d worked with our clients long enough to see that SEO, while incredibly powerful, was limited in its ability to reach people across the entire customer journey. We had a frequent habit of stepping outside the SEO lane to meet needs in other areas of their marketing — sales messaging, email, web design, UX problem-solving, even brand strategy. 

It became apparent that to have the kind of impact we wanted to give our clients, we needed to expand our services and would need more people behind us to do that. So in 2023 we began growing our in-house staff, adding some incredibly talented and driven team members who share our values for quality and excellence.  

Over the last year, we began offering our existing clients more services to strengthen their marketing strategies. Today, we’re excited to officially announce Sitemap 2.0.

Sitemap 2.0: What’s New

Offering Full-Service Marketing

We’ve expanded our service offerings to more channels including paid search advertising, email marketing, website design and development, and sales enablement. Sitemap now offers these services in addition to our SEO and content marketing services, which we continue to offer.

Taking a Growth Marketing Approach

Over the years, we’ve heard so many stories from companies who have worked with marketing professionals that delivered siloed strategies. And we get it—we’ve been there—specialists can have a profound impact on targeted areas of a business, especially when there’s an urgent problem that needs to be solved. But when a brand is looking to grow long-term, a coordinated, comprehensive strategy is vital. 

That’s why we now take a growth marketing approach to marketing strategy: we look at the entire journey from awareness to customer retention and synchronize all marketing channels to build out a growth strategy finely tuned to our clients’ business goals.  

Working With Technology Brands

While Sitemap has worked with brands across many industries over the years, we’ve been mainly known for our expertise in eCommerce marketing and SEO. Initially, my background in technology led me to pursue eCom for the expertise I could offer clients, and that same experience has been a great asset to our technology clients. 

The complexity of the products and the competitiveness of the tech market present a marketing challenge I genuinely enjoy. Our team members also have deep professional experience in B2B sectors and that is a further advantage to our clients. This technical acumen helps us understand our clients’ products quickly so we can adopt their expert point of view and develop smart strategies.

We are grateful to have worked with so many amazing clients, and we look forward to growing additional partnerships in 2024 and the years ahead! 

– Austin

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Austin Cline

Austin Cline is the founder and principal at Sitemap.io. He is actively involved in the SEO community and frequently writes about the intersection of great content marketing and search engine optimization. You can connect with him on his LinkedIn and sign up to get his posts to your email by joining our email newsletter.

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